Founded in 1993 with an initial focus on Structural Builder, Trimatra Liguna have developed core competencies in the fields of building construction. With more than 20 years of experience, we have since grown to be a General Contractor, and we are also capable of taking on design and build projects which provide diversification to our businesses.

Myriad of jobs from the smallest kind such as renovation works, interior work, private residential, to larger scale jobs of workshops, hotels, factories, showrooms, offices, schools, warehouses, hospitals, shop houses, university, residential housing estates and apartment construction has been successfully completed. Currently, higher rise projects are increasingly undertaken, with the recent win of a 25-storey high apartment construction in Depok.
We thrive to keep improving our track record, be it in terms of safety, quality and magnitude of our projects, to confirm our position as a reputable General Contractor.

The core of our building construction and civil engineering business is in Jakarta, where we act as the main contractor in construction projects for both private and public sectors. We have also undertaken construction projects in other provinces such as West Java, Central Java, Bali, Sumatera and Kalimantan. On every project in every location, we devote all of our talent and technology to deliver superior services. This is founded upon our commitment to value the needs of clients.

Going forward, Trimatra Liguna will grow as a green construction company that manages every step of construction, from planning and design, to procurement, operations and maintenance with sustainability consciousness. Furthermore, with our broad experiences, we thrive to be a competitive and efficient contractor, capable to provide one stop solution to all construction problems a client might have.

Our vision established our goals, our mission defines our purpose of existence; and our core values provide us guidance in executing our activities.

>> Our Vision <<
To be the partner of choice in nation-wide construction with continual improvement as a professional construction company.

>> Our Mission <<
To deliver excellent quality of work punctually with consistent improvement towards safe, efficient and competitive construction to our valued clients.

>> Design <<
For design and build projects, our dedicated team of architects and engineers engages closely with clients on how to utilize resources optimally to meet their needs.

>> Procurement <<
Our procurement team is exceptionally experienced in developing effective supply chains that add value and minimize waste.

>> Planning and Management <<
Over the years, we have accumulated and refined valuable skills of project planning and management that were acquired from previous projects. With sound planning, choice of technology and estimation of required resources determined in advanced for set task durations. Our construction managers then ensures projects are delivered with maximum efficiency and on-time reliability.
Core Values
>> Integrity
>> Safety
>> People
>> Excellence
>> Efficiency
>> Human Resources <<
Currently PT Trimatra Liguna has been supported by plentiful of professionals from diverging background and expertises such as Civil Engineering, Architecture, Mechanical and Electrical. Ranging from Master degree holders, Bachelor degree holders to diploma and STM certificate holders with years of experience in their fields, our talents have been working well together to deliver excellent quality and timely construction.

>> Equipment Resources <<
In addition to our trustworthy talents, we have been accumulating our very own machineries and construction paraphernalias to further assure our work efficiency. Our list of equipment include, but not limited to, Tower Crane, bar bender and bar cutter, generators, scaffoldings, theodolite, cargo truck, air compressor, water pump, epoxy injector.

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